We have added an LED Video Wall to our hire inventory enabling you to add a completely new visual element to your events at an affordable cost.

Our 4mm pitch IP LED Video Wall offers a high resolution output for a totally awesome visual experience.

LED Video Walls don’t have to be large wall type setups.

What makes this LED Video screen unique is that it has a very flexible rigging system, with a number of different angle positions, allowing for interesting setups.

Each video panel is extremely lightweight, allowing us a nearly unlimited freedom to build a screen in a variety of configurations.

This makes it suitable for any stage, club night, live event, private party or corporate events looking for that visual impact.

Offering a wide range of amazing and eye-catching visuals and the ability for custom made content, logos and video clips.

We are able to build a screen size up to 4m by 2m, which can also be used outdoors.

 Ideal for a range of uses from:
  • Background Visuals
  • Club Night type visuals
  • Private parties, after show events
  • Corporate events
  • Live Sport screening for football, tennis, racing etc
  • Advertising logo display
  • Outdoor Events

Please get in touch for more information