Important to choose the right event lighting supplier

There are a good number of companies and individuals out there who offer lighting but are not specialist lighting suppliers. They may offer the service as an add-on to their main business but they usually don’t have the knowledge or correct range of industry-standard equipment to do the job properly.

This is why these suppliers offer lighting at very cheap prices.

It’s essential that you work with a lighting supplier who is passionate and cares about the ideas you have for your event or special wedding day, and will work with you to develop that and suggest ideas of their own.

What you definitely don’t want is someone who just undercuts everyone to get the job.

You should be wary about choosing your lighting supplier purely on price.

You’ve heard the saying Jack of all trades master of none.

Many wedding DJs try to boost sales with cheap lighting equipment to appeal to more clients.  The job of a good wedding DJ is to keep you and your guests entertained.

If you have found a one-stop-shop that will cover your wedding lighting and DJ needs, chances are they have inferior equipment that probably won’t be able to be customized and you may have to settle for a compromise in terms of the colours and the general atmosphere it will create.

This is YOUR event, YOUR Special day, you shouldn’t have to compromise. You want things just as you imagined them. This can only be done if you use a specialist lighting company.

Many venues have installed lighting designed for their space and they offer dance floor lighting as well.   If you have ideas beyond what the venue can offer, hire an expert who can tailor the look and feel of your wedding with professional equipment.  There are many experts, such as ourselves, who will work closely with you to create exactly what you’re after in terms of the style you are trying to portray and the general mood within the venue.


If you are serious about getting the look of your venue right, then please use proper lighting. As with most things you buy..You get what you pay for !!!