If you’re planning a Club night and need help with the lighting production we can help.

We have a wealth of experience in this area, and have worked on events with renowned & breakthrough DJs & Producers of recent years!

A lot of Clubs, DJs and Event promoters tend to focus more on the sound aspects of their event rather than the lighting side.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects for any Club night, as it creates the visual element, exciting the crowd and really creating the atmosphere and feel of the event.

Whether you have a Night Club, Warehouse, or any other venue space, we can provide a wide range of state of the art, exciting lighting.

Intelligent Lighting ;

Such as moving heads, using the latest LED technology, projecting stunning aerial effects, bright coloured washes, or beams of light across the dancefloor.

Special Effects ;

Including strobes, blinders, and laser beam effects.

LED Video Wall ;

Setup in a variety of cool and interesting configurations or just as one big screen. Display amazing visuals such as DJ names, logos and club type visuals.

Atmospherics ;

Have you ever wondered how you see beams of light?  The answer is with the use of atmospherics, such smoke machines and hazers. Without them you wouldn’t see the light beams so they play a very important part of any club lighting production.


Each of these are key lighting elements for this type of event, creating an awesome visual experience to complement the music and excite and stimulate your audience.

We will work with you and your club night brand closely to create cool, amazing ideas and a setup ideal for your chosen venue space.

Equipment Wet Hire Rate Card available on request.